I’ve received two wonderfully heartening messages about how all my events this past week went…

Mrs E Roberts, English and Humanities Learning Co-ordinator at (all new!) Heartlands High School, Haringey, said:

“The feedback from the pupils was outstanding!  They were unanimous in their opinion on the day: they loved it! Many of the pupils are now reading your books, I think your reading of Crawlers encouraged many of them.  You especially inspired our more challenging boys, which is not easy to do! As a teacher I can see your books making a difference to our pupils and I know how excited you would be if you could see it too!”

…And following on from yesterday’s lightning visit to schools in Nottinghamshire to tie in with Crawlers being shortlisted for the Notts Brilliant Book Award, I’ve just been forwarded this:

“Can you please pass my thanks on to Sam for the visits to Nottingham University Samworth Academy and Kimberley School. I have heard from several of the librarians who attended and they have all said what an excellent and enjoyable event it was, and how good Sam was with the students. We really appreciate him coming to visit and the author events always come out very highly in our evaluations of the award! Best wishes, Janet Huffer, Principal Librarian, Education Library Service, Nottinghamshire County Council.”

A huge and gleeful THANK YOU to everyone I met and spoke to over this last week. 😀

If anyone reading this would like to find out about how to arrange a visit from me to your school or library, you can find out all the details on my Contact An Author page, here.

As for me, I’ve ended Book Week exactly as I always seem to do – namely by catching an ‘orrible cold! Today my head only seems interested in producing mucus instead of writing, so I’ve spent the afternoon updating my LibraryThing Review Page: hit the link for all my latest book recommendations. AhhhhPHLOOPHTCH! Ahem, ‘scuse me.