Crawlers - By Sam Enthoven

Who is Sam Enthoven?

With his rollicking 2006 debut THE BLACK TATTOO Sam Enthoven fulfilled his dream to become an internationally published author of fantastical action thrillers for young people. Since then he's been touring schools and libraries, inspiring hundreds of budding readers with his passion and enthusiasm. His second book TIM, DEFENDER OF THE EARTH was shortlisted for the 2008 Waterstone's Children's Prize and has been optioned by a major Hollywood studio. CRAWLERS is his third or as Sam modestly puts it, 'Phase Three of my Sinister Masterplan to Conquer the Universe!'

THE BLACK TATTOO is a gentle tale of demonic possession, flying kung fu and vomiting bats. TIM, DEFENDER OF THE EARTH is a giant monster smackdown in which London's most famous landmarks are gleefully destroyed. CRAWLERS pits eight young people against a horrifying, mind-controlling alien menace. If Sam wrote about fluffy bunnies they would be SCARY ONES, WITH KNIVES, WHO BLOW STUFF UP.