No fooling, it’s CRAWLERS LAUNCH DAY.

I’ve just checked my work journals. I first started putting the ideas together in July 2007 and here we are at last: boxes of Crawlers will (I hope!) be being unpacked in bookshops all over the UK as I’m typing this. It’s a very weird feeling. This might be my third time at this ‘being published’ caper, but I’m not getting used to it at all. 😀

Several things. First, this week on Trapped By Monsters I’ve posted a couple of pieces on the subject of how to get published. Click here for Part One, and here for Part Two.

Second, from today the excellent Bookzone4Boys is running an entire month of Horror themed posts – and I’m honoured and thrilled to say that the start of these proceedings is marked with a brand new interview with, er, me. 😉

Third, if you have a website and you’re up for supporting Crawlers this way, RHCB have produced an embeddable Flash widget with the first thirteen pages of the book. If you press the ‘+’ button, you’ll see that all sorts of colours are available, from bilious green, urgent orange and pustulent purple to my own traditional festive BLACK. Click the link to check it out.

Finally, here’s something I’ve been saving for you. I’d like to celebrate the launch of this, the latest of my mutant offspring to wriggle from my skull and wallop off into the world, in what seems to me to be the only appropriate way — namely, with a video clip of some real-life mysterious and horrifying creatures skulking and pulsating in a sewer.

If this video makes you feel nervous or nauseous — and if you don’t, secretly or otherwise, quite like being made to feel that way once in a while — then I should say right now that maybe Crawlers isn’t for you. For anyone else, Happy Reading! HEE HEE HEE!