Some pics from those events I was telling you about on Fri and Sat…

Here’s William Hussey (author of the excellent Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide) putting the Jedi Mind Trick whammy on the first audience at Mossbourne Community Academy:

Here’s one of me attempting to mesmerize everyone with my demonic shiny eyes:

And here, from the evening show at the theatre of Stoke Newington School is Steve Feasey (author of the splendid Changeling series) gouging straight into the guts of the matter at The Hackney Horror Show.

From Saturday’s Waterstone’s signing, here’s this:

Maybe I’m still new to this ‘being published’ caper but the sheer delight at seeing stuff like the above doesn’t seem to be wearing off so far – as you can easily see from the expressions on the faces of William Hussey and I here.

Steve and Bill are wonderful to work with and both days were an absolute blast. I have some video from the Hackney Horror Show that I’m attempting (in my usual hamfisted way) to put together for you now. Stay tuned.