OK, this is something I’m really proud of: I’ve been interviewed by G-Fan Magazine the official periodical of The Godzilla Society of North America! To my enormous glee and delight I was approached by Allen Debus, one of the magazine’s writers, who’d read Tim, Defender of the Earth, liked it, and wanted to put together a feature about me. I’ve just received my copy of G-Fan’s Spring issue. Here, below, is how the piece ended up.

Ahem: as you’ll no doubt figure, these are my own ham-fisted scans of the actual pages of the magazine. I tried to darken the print a bit to make it more readable – with, erm, somewhat mixed results as you can see! If the pages aren’t reproduced clearly enough for you, my apologies. The text will be going up on the Tim Interviews Page just as soon as The Mighty WebSphinx can get on the case. 😀