OK, I can’t wait any longer, I’ve just got to show you the cover art of my forthcoming Barrington Stoke book, My Name is O.

Here’s O’s own description of the mirror, from the book:

The frame is made of black wood, carved into the shape of four giant scorpions. The scorpions face each other – two at the bottom of the mirror, two at the top. They are locked in combat, their claws crossed. Their long tails curl around the mirror’s corners until the stingers of the high and low scorpions meet, at the very middle of each of the mirror’s sides.

The mirror is a horrible thing. To a normal person, everything about it says “Don’t touch.”

…But my masters are not normal people.

Thanks and awed respect to artist Dan Chernett for the terrific job he did on the frame, to Rich for the fonts, and to Vicki for involving me so much throughout the design process. The book is about to go off to press right now. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 😀

Meanwhile on TBM: Quick! Go see my new favourite monster film!