Two school visits, this past week. I had a great time at both, as I think you’ll see from these pics…

Here I am (above), gesticulating and grimacing as usual for the Year 8s of Meadowhead School near Sheffield.

In this (below) I’m taking awesome questions from another group at Thistley Hough High School near Stoke-on-Trent.

As anyone who’s been to one of my talks will know, bitter (and damp) experience has taught me to be careful to the point of mania about drinking water without making a mess and an idiot of myself. I’m proud of this next pic, because it captures me not spilling a drop!

Finally, here’s one that’s a bit blurry, but it sums up how great school visits like these make me feel:

These were my last school appearances for quite a while. That’s partly due to the summer break of course, but beyond that it’s also due to a sinister masterplan I’m developing – the long-awaited realisation of a lifelong ambition of mine. I’ll explain more in future posts.

Meanwhile I’d like to thank everyone at Meadowhead and Thistley Hough, and all the schools I’ve visited. I get a big kick out of school events, and after what’s now been five years of doing them pretty often I reckon six months without is going to feel very strange.

Best wishes all,