No doubt about it, choosing and researching awesome places in which to set scenes of stories is a lot easier in the internet age. This week I was lucky enough to stumble across TENDER.IS/THE.NIGHT, an astonishing urban exploration / photography site. Hit the link and prepare to be amazed. Here’s a taste:

This is Albert Bridge. What I’m writing isn’t set there – this time! – but a key scene of my current story takes place at a location (I won’t tell you which, yet!) that has been explored and beautifully photographed on the site. On the off-chance he sees this I’d like to take this chance to offer my thanks, appreciation and respect to TENDER.IS/THE.NIGHT‘s creator for his physical intrepidity, his evocative writing and his jaw-dropping camera skills.

Also while I’m here, here are two links to things I’ve posted to TBM about wonderful comics I’ve been reading recently: Twin Spica by Kou Yaginouma and The Lovecraft Anthology Volume 1 edited by Dan Lockwood.