Just got time for a few quick pics from yesterday’s Spooktacular Scarefest.

Here I am doing my best to horrify a great group at Hillside High School, Bootle:

From the Spooktacular itself, here’s one I took of the stage while we were setting up. Check out the smoke and flames!

Here’s a team photo (l-r) of performing authors David Gatward, Jon Mayhew, Joseph Delaney, Tommy Donbavand and some black-clad bald guy – together with (on the right) bookselling legend, human dynamo and mastermind behind the Fest, the magnificent Tony of Pritchard’s, Formby:

I had a blast. The audience was wonderfully welcoming and supportive. My fellow authors all put on terrific performances. But the prize for the most frightening thing about the Scarefest – in fact, I believe, the most horrifying thing in literature right now – must surely go to Dave Gatward’s tights.

They’ve traumatized me. It seems only fair to let them traumatize you. ;p

More terror to come tomorrow (Sat 23rd) at The Crystal Palace Children’s Book Festival. See you there!