This one’s from Books For Keeps:

“[…] When ‘a long line of spider-like creatures’ starts to emerge from the air vents of the theatre’s foyer, the stage is set (so to speak) for a schlock horror story which, in some moments at least, is definitely not for the faint-hearted, though it must be said that its pacing is brilliant and all the more remarkably so in a narrative which is skilfully compressed into something just under six hours of a particular evening. Horror apart, however, Enthoven’s novel merits considerable notice in its nicely observed delineation of gender roles and social nuances; this in other words is a novel for a readership some distance beyond what the horror genre usually targets.”

It’s a very positive review and I’m pleased, of course. But – like most of the reviews by adults that I seem to get for my books – it’s a bit “I wouldn’t normally like this sort of thing, but…”

For contrast, here’s this:

Crawlers had me reading non stop for two days… I LOVED IT. It was insane, thrilling, and how do I put this… AMAZING!!!!!”

An especially big thank you to Christina, 14, from Canada, who sent me these kind words via my Facebook profile. 😀